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Our client is the Australian legal firm specializing on complicated visa-related issues and appeals. We provide this company with a full range of services, from development of the marketing strategy to implementation of the advertising campaign.

What’s special about the client’s business is that it provides highly specialized service, which is not widely represented in Australia despite the high demand, mostly due to its complexity.

While developing the marketing strategy we’ve created an image of a company that positions itself quite aggressively against government authorities, advocates for its clients, and ready to protect their rights. At that, despite of complexity of its operations, the firm is open for communications and raises no barriers.

Simplicity and clarity in such complicated issues and clients’ confidence that they receive high-quality services and their interests are protected had become the main premise that distinguishes Visa Appeals among competitors.


When creating a visual concept, we’ve chosen in favor of the color scheme that combines aggressiveness and simplicity in order to best reflect the company’s spirit: Bright red on white.
And the logo itself features symbols of positive resolution of visa issues.


Since our client had not only a unique specialization, but also a well-established system for long-distance service provision throughout Australia, it was necessary to create a website that would become a convenient platform to work with potential clients: user friendly, functional and working great on any device.

SMM, Direct marketing & Online advertising

Search engine advertising became the basis to increase the client base. Creation and fine-tuning of Google AdWords allowed to attract many customers for a relatively low cost.

Social media marketing services also included many events, from design of the group and posts to setting up an advertising campaign. As a result, we were able to attract several thousands of subscribers, who increased the client base and provided a network of positive recommendations.

To continue work with the existing client base we have developed and executed unique newsletters with special offers, personalized for each client group.

We started our work with prototypes, developed the website structure in accordance with the tasks. On the design stage we have created over ten unique layouts for each page that already included text and graphic elements.

Content created by our studio became the basis for the website. Each line, each word were placed exactly where necessary.

We used some light animation on the website to add to its dynamics and outlook, but wouldn’t slow down its loading time, which is particularly important for smartphones with mobile internet.

Feedback form with the drag & drop module that supports uploading of several files simultaneously allows users to easily attach their documents to their letter to lawyers.

You can visit the Visa Appeals Facebook page by following the link: facebook - visa appeals