The PickTaste is the project, created by a team of health food enthusiasts. The PickTaste’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to information to make healthy decisions.
This is our very own Project!
From idea to implementation.
Design layouts
How to run a creative process for a big project? We picked the best project management methodology for success.
Project Schedule + Strategy Documents + Content Inventory + Site Map + Style Guide + UI Kit + Monitoring and controlling +
all what we learned from 10 years’ experience as an advertising agency!

Every page is carefully developed. Responsive website that adjusts its display mode depending on user’s device, whether it’s a smartphone or a Full HD screen.

SEO & content marketing

We added a lot of content to the website. More content is definitely better, but we are producing something that the audience finds valuable and insightful. We try to provide valuable free content in one place for our audience. Also, by localizing more content into multiple languages, we gain a significant competitive advantage in the market.

User Interface Kit

What is the UI Kit and why we use it?
We created UI Kit to help decrease build times, create more consistent designs, and improve design quality.

User Interface Kit give a lot of ideas to solve common problems, like navigation styles, breadcrumbs, CTA’s, icons, notification boxes, lists.

Social Media