Integrated capabilities

As your business grows, its development requires more and more time and attention. We know how frustrating it can be to keep finding a contractor for every single marketing task: advertising, web, graphic design and so on. Having the unique combination of vital industry capabilities, Paxcore provides you with the opportunity of avoiding new risks, freeing up your time and energy for better things. Thanks to our integrated approach, we will stimulate your business to grow in the right direction.

Free initial consultation

Your business is unique – just like you. Before starting our work, we want to get to know you both! That’s why we offer a free, no obligation consultation - so we can tell your potential customers just what they’re missing. At Paxcore, we’ve turned remote teamwork into an art form, and to save time just flick a message via Facebook.

We offer fixed-price contracts

Due to our many years of experience, we can determine the cost of the project before the start of work, after the free initial consultation, and offer you a fixed-price contract. If you enjoy working with us, and have a long-term requirement for our services, we offer a lucrative contract with a monthly payment - savings that make good business sense.

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Web development
/ Unique handmade websites

Today, a functional, adaptive and responsive website is a far more powerful tool to attract prospects’ attention and grow your business than your office design. If your company has no website, it doesn’t exist at all.

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Graphic design

Graphic design includes everything that can be drawn and published on the web or printed.

We can do any graphic design work for any purposes:

Advert, Annual Report, Apparel, Website Banner, Billboard, Book Cover, Brochure, Business Card, Calendar, Catalog, Door Hanger, Envelope, Expo Display, Flyer, Folder, Invitation, Label, Letterhead, Magazine, Menu, Newsletter, Notepad, Poster, Program, Table Tent, etc. Everything you can imagine!

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Brand identity

Your company’s style is not just a logo, but an entire set of image materials. It should form the basis of any advertising materials, including your website.

We can do anything for your brand:

Logo development and its various applications, Color scheme development, Creation of corporate graphical elements, Font and text layout design, Creation and editing of business cards, Creation and editing of a corporate letterhead, Development of the corporate style guidebook, HTML e-mail signature (design & build)

Web advertising

After creating a good website and filling it with high-quality content, one should consider launching an advertising campaign. Without advertising, users won’t even know about your website existence.

We know how to promote your business online

Facebook group/page set up and skins design, Google AdWords advertising campaign set up, Facebook Ads advertising campaign set up, Email design, Direct mailing campaign set up, Planning set up and implementation of advertising campaign in social media (SMM)

SEO & Content

Content is the most important part of business communications activity. But you need to ensure that your business is found on search engines.

Do you need help with SEO & content generation for your various platforms and communication channels?

Video shooting and production, Creation of unique content / Copywriting, Photo shooting, SEO Audits, Keyword Research, Keyword Optimisation, SEO Planning and Strategy, Website optimization, Local Search Optimization, Reports and Analytics.


At Paxcore we use all available digital tools, such as websites, social media, Google ads, emails, etc. to reach your target audience and communicate your brand’s message and value proposition to potential customers clearly and consistently. We start by gaining a thorough understanding of what type of customers your product or services are created for, what problems they solve and how we can prove to your customers that your product or service is the best (most preferable) solution on the market.

We believe that the foundation of any business success lies in the ability of its owner to innovate continuously and develop its transient advantages: partnership with Paxcore could be one of them!

Marketing consulting

Team Tracking:

Paxcore will help your business team to understand the key segments of your business model and find effective/alternative routes to success. We can work with your teаm on the following:

+ Identifying the key market segments your business should target now and in the future
+ Customer Development
+ Customer Profiling - establishing the customer pains, needs and problems your product/service is designed to solve
+ Minimal Valuable Product (MVP) development and description
+ Work with your product Value Proposition (identification, description and communication strategy)
+ Market environment research, competitor analysis, transient advantages identification and development

Capabilities outsourcing:

Hire our in-house capabilities to obtain the tools needed for the development of your business.

+ IMC planning and execution.
+ Social Media marketing: all in one solution Key digital metrics calculation and analysis: Average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Retention Rate (CRR), Website traffic and its conversion analysis, Social Media channels effective and ness analysis)
+ Key metrics of marketing performance calculation and analysis: Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), Return on marketing (ROM)
+ Sales funnels building and management

Personal consultations for business owners and senior managers:

The Key Paxcore professionals will work with you on an hourly basis to help achieve clear understanding of your business and a vision for its future development.

+ Business model generation and Value Proposition design
+ Change and Innovation management inside of your existing business model
+ Content management assistance
+ Personal brand development and support